Kelsey Rae Calabro 

     Water Mill local Kelsey Calabro began riding horses at the age of four. Every moment outside of school was spent mucking, grooming, riding, and loving every aspect and responsibility that comes with taking care of horses. Kelsey quickly realized that riding and competing was a passion she wanted to focus on more intently. 

    In 2004, Kelsey began competing nationally while also learning as a working student under the tutelage of Laura Bowery and the Sea- Aire Team. The opportunity to compete in the Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation for many years allowed her to understand the triumphs and tribulations involved with riding at an A Circuit level.

     Ready to take the next step in her career, Kelsey became Manager of Sea- Aire. In this position, she was able to meet and learn from a multitude of top horsemen and women; gaining an invaluable education on the inner workings of the A Circuit and proper horse care overall. Working with horses of many different breeds ages and disciplines taught Kelsey how to establish appropriate programs for each individual horse and rider's needs. In 2013, she began to work alongside Kristina Muse of Beach Acre Farm as Manager and Assitant Trainer. This allowed Kelsey to further develop her teaching skills with riders of all ages and skill levels. 

    All of these experiences allowed Kelsey to expand her knowledge of riding, training, and management and parlay that into a system and program unique to her own. Determined and ethically driven, Kelsey is eager to share her knowledge with the next generation of like-minded equestrians at Pinnacle Farm. 

Barb andK.jpg

Barbara Calabro- Manager 

     Renowned for her impeccable horse care, Barbara is a huge asset to our team. With her thumb constantly on the pulse of the top horse care tips and treatments, Barb is an ever-growing vault of horse care knowledge. 

    Working closely with an amazing team of vets, farriers, chiropractors, dentists, and other top equine specialists to keep our team educated and up to date on all aspects of your horse's needs, our team is experienced to handle it all.

   In collaboration with Tigger Montague of BioStarUS whole=food diet for horses, Barbara personalizes each horse's diet to match their activity level, age, and health requirements. A closely monitored diet helps us keep your horse healthy from the inside out! 

    Have a horse coming back off injury? We've got you covered! From vet visits to hand-walks and specialty rehab programs, our team is experienced in all aspects of your horse care needs.