Year-Round Boarding (Please inquire for pricing) 


Full-Service Board- includes Exercise Rides …… (price per month) 

Includes all Amenities/Services listed below. Additional fees may apply for

special needs including but not limited to: Extra feedings, Specialty BioStar

Products or Supplements, etc. *** All horses will be maintained on

BioStar Optimum GI, Flax Seed, and Salt - this will be included in the board price. All

other supplements are to be provided at the owner's expense or billed. 

Turnout- on a regular daily schedule (weather permitting)

Blanketing and Booting- service provided as needed for conditions

Grooming- Regular grooming & tack up service within business hours

(Tuesday- Sunday)

Feed- 2x per day, unlimited hay - *as needed*

Stall- Cleaned 3x per day and generously bedded with top quality


Exercise Rides- by a PF employee - schedule approved by trainer to fit

desired fitness/goals and lesson/show program.

Stable Supplies- provided - polos, brushes, shampoo, grooming

products, etc.

Veterinary Care- scheduled and attended, our staff provides follow-up

treatments and handling. Vet will bill directly to Client.

Farrier- scheduled and attended as needed. Farrier will bill directly to


Equine Dental- scheduled 2x per year. Dentist will bill directly to Client.

Outdoor Arena- custom footing by Footing First- 125′ x 280′

Indoor Arena- custom footing by Footing First - 80′ x 160′

Grand Prix Field- Fully irrigated Grand Prix Field features custom natural

obstacles designed by Robert Jolicoeur: Irish bank, liverpool, table bank and

open water

Daily Laundry Service- is provided at no additional cost. Separate billing

for laundry sent out: winter blankets, blanket repairs, show cooler specialty

dry cleaning.

Use of PF’s Amenities- wash stalls, tack rooms, arenas, ect.

Night Check/ (24 Hr. Care when needed) - as staff is housed on




Buying/Selling Commission Rate:  X%


 Commissions are due at the time of the sale transaction. All sale/lease transactions of

horses & ponies in the PF program are subject to this charge. All clients expecting to

purchase or lease an animal that will be in the PF program are subject to this charge.


**This fee includes the evaluation of the animal for purchase/lease, screening and

managing inquiries, preparing and showing the animal to potential buyers,

scheduling/attending vettings, handling sales paperwork as needed, and negotiating on

our client’s behalf.



 Training and Lesson Packages


Lesson Package (per month) - $X (mix of jumping, flat and pole lessons

at the discretion of trainer- personalized training programs fit to each horse and

riders goals/aspirations)

Lesson & Training Ride Package (per month) - $X (includes one jump

school/training ride a week)



Training A La Cart


Lessons A La Cart- $X Boarders  $X  (Non-Boarders)

 Training Ride A La Cart- $X Boarders  $X  (Non Boarders)


Horse Show Training 


Horse Show Training Ride * Entire Division- $X

Horse Show Training Ride * Per Class- $X

Horse Show Training (per day) - $X Boarders  $X (Non-Boarders)

Horse Show Grooming (per day)- $X Boarders  $X  (Non-Boarders)


 Short Term Boarding-  Please inquire for pricing