Boarding Available at Pinnacle Farm 

Year Round Boarding

 Full Service Includes: 

 Initial feed evaluation by a licensed nutritionist to ensure your horse's diet meets all of  their nutritional needs, daily turn-out, mucking, bucket cleaning in both the stalls and paddocks,  scheduled tack ups, top quality shavings, hay and feed. 

Seasonal Boarding 

 Includes the same services as year round boarders at a seasonal cost. 



      - 1/2 Hour 

      - 1 Hour 

      - Semi Private 1 Hour (*2-3 students) 

 Professional Ride 

 Body Clip 

      - Horse 

      - Pony

Horse Shows 

 Training Fee  *Per Day

 Grooming Fee *Per Day 

 Clients will be responsible for entries, stall, braids, split of equipment stall/s and staff  accommodations (if applicable).  

 **Please inquire for prices